Monaco rolled red carpet for web Influencers recognized in several categories

First edition of Influencers Awards Monaco

The First edition of the Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner of the Influencers Awards Monaco (IAM) took place at the Meridien Beach Plaza on October 7, 2018. (Photo insert: NewDay Photo Agency)

A very chic Pauline Ducruet, IAM ambassador and member of the Jury, who came accompanied by her mother HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco and her brother and sister, hosted the overall program with her partners Lolita Abraham, Thomas Peeters and Maxime Giaccardi. A total of 345 attendees participated in the luxury black tie Gala.

Influencers were given the chance to visit several landmark places the days before the Gala, such as the Prince’s Palace, the Exotic Garden, the Metropole Shopping Mall, the Casino, Oceanographic Museum, and even the famous Wine Cave at the Hotel de Paris. They had a first hand experience of what Monaco has to offer, and of course they shared their every move instantly with their loyal followers through their mobiles.

The Principality of Monaco literally rolled the red carpet to welcome the selected influencers from different countries, who were rewarded in several categories, during a ceremony professionally orchestrated by Lynda Lacoste and Bernard Montiel.

“At this time, there is no recognition for these young entrepreneurs of marketing 2.0. This Gala event, is to compensate their work,”affirmed Lolita Abraham, co-organizer of this innovative event.

In the last few years, brands have been using “influencers” – fitness gurus, beauty bloggers, fashionistas and others – as the face of the advertisements. Influencers’ endorsed opinions about products, being shared on social media platforms, help spread viral conversations about the brands online. An LA based influential even created a platform that uses artificial intelligence to match certain brands with social media influencers by using demographic, contextual and psychographic information. Thus, they identify common traits in both to match them accordingly.

The criteria used by the members of the IAM Jury to discern their awards, from a pool of Influencers specifically selected for this event by the organizers, was the impact they have over their community, the contracts they had obtained, and their perceived standing in the social networks.

Members of the Jury

The members of the Jury for IAM 2018 were: Pauline Ducruet, Jonathan Teo, Celine Saint-Remy, Mickey Boardman, Hofit Golan, Gonzalo Cebrian and Caroline Rush.

The Award 

The trophies IAM JENKELL, in the form of her characteristic Bonbon and including 12 categories, were created specially for the occasion by Laurence Jenkell and presented to the laureates in the presence of the renowned French artist. (Photo below @NewDay Photo Agency)


The Nominees

And the 2018 winners are!

Honor Award: @carolinereceveur;@makeupbymario; @watchanish

Parenting  Award: Winner @Daddownlod; Hope @reandradeoficial

Travelling Award: Winner @Muradosmann; Hope @Jacob

Beauty Award: Winner @MakeupbyMario; Hope @Beautybekky

Philanthropy & Green Award: Winner @Momimfine & @Fuett; Hope@RK4Dev_Familys

Fashion Award: Winner @ariviere; Hope @rowanrow

Entertainment/Humour Award: Winner @JustSul; Hope@Nikwestbass

Food Award: Winner @Foodgod; Hope @Befatbehappy

Photo Award: Winner @toniMahfud; Hope @Benjaminortega

Lifestyle Award: Winner @Carolinereceveur; Hope @TaraMilkteaEspoir

Sport & Fitness Award: Winner @Jenselter; Hope @brandonropestylers

Entrepreneur Award: Winner @Jonolsson1; Hope @TomclaerenEspoir 

Thanks to the success of the first edition of IAM, the organizers may be busy already planning the next one with the objective perhaps to attract the heavy hitters among the Influencers.

Today’s Quote

“Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence.”Sean Gardner [@2morrowknight]


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