South Korean artists exhibited at annual Monaco Art Salon

Promoting mutual understanding through cultural exchange

The 2018 art salon organized under the High Patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco, by the National Monegasque Committee of the International Association of Arts (IAA/AIAP), an NGO working in official partnership with UNESCO and presided by artist Marie-Aimee Tirole, run November 30 to December 16, 2018 in the Principality.The association was inaugurated with “Homage to Van Gogh” in 1998, so this year it celebrated  its 20th anniversary, always proposing participating artists a different theme each time around, in order to explore both a plastic and formal enquiry, at the same time ethical, philosophical and poetic.

In her opening discourse Marie-Aimee Tirole extended her appreciation to H.S.H. Prince Albert II, the Monaco Government and the Cultural Affairs Department; the presidents of the South Korean associations Mr Lee for Sonamou and Mr Kwon for Ajac, Jongmyung Hwang from Seoul who came independently of those associations, Jaebom Park, Director of the Korean Cultural Center in Paris and Councilor Minister of Culture and Sport for the Korean Embassy in France; as well as the members of the IAA/AIAP as a whole.

(Photo below: The ensemble of all the Monegasque and South Korean artists and distinguished personalities.)

Among the illustrious guests present at the inauguration of the exhibition were: H.E. Cristiano Gallo, Ambassador of Italy in Monaco, H.E. Patrick Medecin, Ambassador of Monaco to Japan and India, Veronique Jolyot, Consul of France in Monaco, Genevieve Vatrican, President UNESCO National Committee, Daniel Boeri, Culture Councilor representing Monaco National Council.

Artist Experience

This year the theme was “Artist Experience”, with a total of 30 works of art by committee member artists exhibiting their sculptures, paintings and photography, alongside 17 especially invited colleagues from South Korea, with prizes awarded to selected artists.

Experience is a multifaceted theme, a phenomenon common to all individuals but specific to each one of them, covering experience of art, experience in art, and art as an experience, as well as the questions developed by the artists provoking the interrogation of the viewers.  Whether the work comprises one or multiple elements, be it figurative or abstract, if it used new technologies or traditional media, the essential being the specific way it tells a story to the viewer, emphasizing the notions of sensitivity, sensation, perception, reception, appreciation, aesthetic, attitude and more.

A sample of artworks by South Korean artists

A sample of artworks by Monegasque artists

Prizes for selected artists

  • Prize Conseil National: Laurent Papillon
  • Prize of the Monegasque National Commission UNESCO: Ivana Boris & Chantal Cavenel
  • Jury Prize Sculpture: Giacinto Cotinaud
  • Jury Prize Video: Christine Cotinaud
  • Jury Prize Painting: Carol Bruton
  • Jury Prize by supporting members: Christian Bonavia

Fostering international cooperation among artists worldwide

The objectives of the IAA/AIAP are to encourage international cooperation among the artists of all countries, nations or people, and to promote the economic and social position of artists both nationally and internationally, as well as to defend their material and moral rights. There are more than 80 national committees adhering to UNESCO around the world, and the Monaco branch dates back to 1955 and was created by artist Etienne Clerissi.

The mission of the Monegasque National Committee and that of AIAP and the fundamental role of UNESCO, is to enable an ongoing active cultural exchange, to promote mutual understanding among nations, and by extension promote peace.

Today’s quote

“Perhaps one of the greatest means to achieve global peace and harmony is cultural exchange. It opens up the vistas of human understanding and further expands our universal consciousness. Let us raise ourselves from the narrow perspective of being a citizen of a particular country to global citizenship that is the greatest demand of modern world.” Preeth Nambiar, The Voyage to Eternity


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