Sonya Yoncheva, a beautiful woman with the voice of an angel, bewitched the public at the Opera of Monte-Carlo

Brightest Opera star sang with passion & sensuality

Yesterday, Tuesday, March 5, 2019, the young Bulgarian Soprano Sonya Yoncheva, gave a passionate recital of Italian Opera Arias and melodies by Alfredo Catalani, Ruggero Leoncavallo, Giuseppe Martucci, Giacomo Puccini, Paolo Tosti, and of course Giuseppe Verdi.

The opera lovers were delighted with the passionate performance by the diva and broke into fervent applause after every Aria, and at the end of her performance, they continue clapping enthusiastically demanding an encore, over and over again. She fascinated us all with her beauty and strong stage presence, her idiomatic musicality and the sensuality of her voice. She is one of the most attractive Opera personalities of our times.

Talented French pianist Antoine Palloc from Nice, France, accompanied the soprano in her sublime performance. A role he accomplished with success. He is one of the best accompanists of melodies and operas in France today. He played with Annick Massis, Beatrice Uria-Monzon, Karine Deshayes, Jennifer Larmore, Jean-Francois Borras, Frederica Von Stade, just to name a few, and has been on the stage at the Opera of Paris, San Francisco, Berlin, Barcelona, Carnegie Hall in New York, London…

The Monegasque public discovered Sonya Yoncheva in the role of Violetta Valery in January 2013. An incredible revelation, her incarnation of La Traviata conquered the public and the international media. Soon she became Opera’s brightest new star! Since then, the most important world stages invite Sonya Yoncheva who becomes an exclusive Sony artist. As a sign of her international recognition, she holds the record from that season of the higher number of direct retransmissions of the Metropolitan Opera of New York.

After her representations of La Traviata a Monte-Carlo, her career and her voice continued moving towards more dramatic roles (Tosca, Desdemona, Norma…) and it is this incredible evolution that this recital highlighted.

Yoncheva’s return to the Opera of Monte-Carlo was a resounding success! Bravo!

Today’s Quote

“Farewell past, happy dreams of days gone by. The roses in my cheeks already are faded.”Verdi, La Traviata


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