Outward Bound Monaco organized bowling competition with teams led by sports stars

Teamwork is a very important life skill

On Thursday 7 March, the Outward Bound Monaco Association hosted a Bowling evening at Ni Box in Monaco for 25 enthusiastic students who participated in Outward Bound life skills programs in 2018, and some who are due to attend in summer 2019.

The evening saw lots of fun, games, and competitions between the teams, who were led by celebrity sporting star captains: Kevin Dupuis, French International gymnast; Calvin Watson, Australian medal-winning cyclist; Dan Luger, English Rugby Union, international and world cup winner; Kory Tarpenning, American Olympic pole vaulter; and Rob Kay, a partner at Blevins Franks, who very kindly sponsored the event. It was the Monaco team led by Rob Kay who claimed victory!

(Photo: L to R – Kevin Dupuis, Calvin Watson, Rob Kay, Dan Luger, and Kory Tarpenning, Outward Bound Bowling project celebrities, March 7, 2019@CelinaLafuentedeLavotha)

Michael Peagram, President of Outward Bound Monaco commented, “Once again, we are delighted to have hosted an enjoyable and successful event for some of the young people of Monaco.  We are very proud of the contribution that we make to the local community in giving our students and alumni the skills that they need to face the challenges of modern life with confidence, cheerfulness and an appetite for teamwork, resilience, and fun.”

The enthusiastic bowling teams

Monaco Team led by Rob Kay – The Winners!

  • Max Turco
  • Louis Crommelynck
  • Marie Crommelynck
  • Yannick Chrisholm
  • Frederico D’Ischia 

(Photo: Rob Kay, Partner at Blevins Franks with members of the Monaco Bowling team, March 7, 2019 @CelinaLafuentedeLavotha)

Ullswater team led by Dan Luger

  • Julia Brych
  • Dylan Turco
  • Maya Turco
  • Benjamin Mesnier
  • May Danziger

Loch Eil team led by Calvin Watson

  • Samuel Danziger
  • Josefine Ehlen
  • Thomas Mesnier
  • Olivia Chisholm
  • Lisa D’Ischia

Aberdovey team led by Kevin Dupuis 

  • Isabelle Rolfe
  • Clara Fillery
  • Emma Mesnier
  • Thomas Etievant
  • Lily Strautmann

Penrith team led by Kory Tarpenning

  • Freya Danziger
  • Emilia Grether
  • Freddy Johnson
  • Samuel Trowell
  • Sara Brych

Prize winners

The prize for the best 2018 Blog Course was presented to Isabelle Rolfe, and the Best 2018 Photograph Course went to Becky Curtis, who could not be there that evening. (Photo below: Sarah O’Connor with Isabelle Rolfe, the winner of the 2018 Blog Course @CelinaLafuentedeLavotha)

Outward Bound

The Outward Bound Trust founded back in 1941 was intended originally as a survival school for merchant navigators who could face a shipwreck to cope with challenging situations. After the war, the school was recognized as more than a place for learning survival skills, and that their program could be valuable for everybody, who could apply that know-how to teamwork and leadership.

Outward Bound Monaco was established in 2004 as an affiliate of the association in the UK. The main objective at the time was to sponsor young people educated in the Principality to attend a UK based Outward Bound course, with the ultimate goal of setting up an adventure camp in and around Monaco to gather youngsters from both countries in a new and challenging Monegasque Outward Bound experience. With this in mind, exceptional fundraising events are organized.

Their mission is to unlock the potential in young people through discovery and adventures in the wild. With the belief that we all have undiscovered potential, the association’s objective is to create situations enabling participants to increase their self-esteem, learning useful lessons that will, in turn, be a life-changing experience.

Today’s Quote

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”Henry David Thoreau


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