Prince Albert attends 9th anniversary celebration of Monaco Foreign Residents Club

CREM portal of social & economic life of the Principality

On Monday, July 1, 2019, at sunset, the now-famous Monaco Foreign Residents Club (CREM), offered a magnificent reception to celebrate their 9th anniversary with their members and friends at Villa Key Largo in the marina of Cap d’Ail, in France very close to the Principality.

Louisette Azzoaglio Levy-Soussan, President of CREM, gave a warm welcome to Prince Albert II, all the distinguished Monegasque and foreign authorities and members of the Club, and gave a brief speech, calling CREM the portal of the social and economic life of the Principality. Prince Albert congratulated CREM on its success and subsequently presented a bouquet of flowers to Louisette and saluted her for her birthday.

Chris Dhondt, CREM Director, thanked all the partners who contributed to the evening: Barclays private bank, Air France, BMW, the Monaco Brazil association, Valmont, the Traverso boutique, Deco Flamme and the famous Maison de Champagne Taittinger; and the members for their loyalty, and all others who continue contributing to the flourishing of the Club.

Everybody enjoyed a sumptuous cocktail by the Mediterranean Sea and a delightful performance by talented violinists.

Much more than an association within the Principality, CREM is above all a place of exchange, hospitality, sharing, and discovery. Founded in 2010, at the initiative of Prince Albert II of Monaco and Louisette Azzoaglio Levy-Soussan, the Club now has more than 400 members representing more than 40 nationalities.

From all corners of the planet, residents join the Club to participate in a multitude of activities: parties, cocktails, conferences, interviews, tours, excursions, wine tastings, an invitation to exclusive events, interesting workshops, private concerts and gala evenings. CREM is full of novelties,  continuously reinventing itself to satisfy its members.

The Club is also a place of socialization where new residents gather to talk, get to know each other, meet, and get information on what’s on in Monaco.

Since its creation, CREM has organized more than 1000 events, various and varied. The 2019 program already started and offered many pleasant surprises to members—a beautiful photography exhibition dedicated to women, the visit of the newly revamped hotel of Paris, an evening by helicopter to the Cannes festival, an outing to see the whales. The September program promises to be as ambitious and will undoubtedly be welcomed by all CREM members. (Photo below: Prince Albert II with Louisette Levy Soussan Azzoaglio, Chris Dhont, and members of the CREM team @EdWright Images)

Like the song goes CREM tells its members: See you in September!

Today’s Quote

“Through others, we become ourselves.”Lev Vygotsky


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