GemlucArt Monaco announced top winners of their 11th edition exhibition

Artists & collectors united for a common cause

GemlucArt increases in prestige celebrating its 11th Anniversary, from September 19-27, 2019, hosting a Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Rainier III Auditorium in Monaco, with 135 local and international talented artists committed to the fight against cancer. GemlucArt counts with the continuous support of Georges Marsan, the dynamic Mayor of Monaco, loyal partners and sponsors.

GemlucArt has become a sine qua non annual artistic exhibition, but also an important fundraiser, thanks to generous art lovers who purchase the unique artworks exhibited. The theme used as a creative guideline this year was: Silence, there is a rumor going around”, in French “Silence, bruit court”, that surely inspired talented artists’ expression.

An exceptional Jury

GemlucArt gains in prestige every year, thanks to the participation of international artists, an experienced international jury of museum curators and art critics that selected the best artworks of the 2019 edition, and a highly professional organizing team, led by the enthusiastic dynamic duo of Laurence Garbatini and Yvon Kergal, with the support of Francois Jean Brych, that worked long hours succeeding in assembling a high quality exposition. Their efforts have not been in vain and the results are evident, as the exhibition is a highly anticipated art event, for artists, art lovers and collectors alike, gaining a special place in the art calendar of the Principality.

GemlucArt 2019 Jury

The highly qualified members of the jury had a tough job selecting the winners of GemlucArt 2019, among the many works of art submitted by talented local and international artists. But after a careful and lengthy deliberation several artists were awarded the much desired prizes, with passionate and moving presentations by the artists, in a friendly atmosphere that characterizes this one-of-a-kind annual art gathering.

  • Jean-Pierre Pastor, President of the Jury
  • Georges Marsan, Monaco Mayor, Vice-President
  • Countess Helen Selikowitz Modini
  • Francoise Gamerdinger
  • Louise Grether (Artcurial)
  • Martin Peronnet
  • Francois-Jean Brych (President of Gemluc)
  • Eric Heremans
  • KC Charti – Camille Roumiex
  • Albert Croesi
  • FX Ciais
  • Gabriele Taggi
  • Paul Conti

GemlucArt Organization Team

  • Francois Jean Brych (President of Gemluc)
  • Laurence Garbatini – General Director GemlucArt
  • Yvon Kergal – GemlucArt Exhibition’s Curator

The Winners of GemlucArt 2019

Below is the list of winners with their artworks and the prizes they received during the Official Awards Ceremony that took place on September 24 at a packed Auditorium Rainier III, in the presence of members of the Jury, generous loyal sponsors and partners and an ever growing enthusiastic public.

Claude Garrandes, France, Le Vieille Home et son Chien (The Old Man and his Dog)GemlucArt Grand Prize

Barna Gacsi, Hungary – Ceux qui se cachent (Those who hide) – Special Sculpture Prize

Myriam Bollender, Chut!! Un ange passe (An angel passes by) –( Jury Prize

Egle Babilaite, Lituaine, L’aventure avec des cygnesThe adventure with the swans) Special Jury Prize

Anthony Vignadocchio , Le poids de mots (The weight of words) – Theme Prize

JM Collell, France, Motus  – Focus Prize

Franck Brizzi, France, La Dame aux Camelias (TheL ady with the Camellias)  – Photography Prize

Eddy Maniez, France, La Balade de l’elephant (The ride of the elephant) – Art Prize “Green-Green” – ex-aequo   

Gianni Depaoli, Italy, Le bruit de la couleur de la peau (The noise of the color of the skin) Art Prize “Green-Green” – ex-aequo 

Following the tradition, there was a prize that was not discerned by the Jury, but by popular vote from the public. As every year, loyal GemlucArt collaborator, Roselyne Rinaldi Bourcier coordinated the public voting procedure.

Arch Regees Pontes, Brasil, Imporangel – Public Prize

Elis Secundo, Brazil, Invasion – Generosity Prize

Tina De Rubia, France, Game over – Social Media Prize

Charles Marcucci, France, Initium in silentio Installation Prize

Featuring a selection of artists & their works

Below is a selection of some of the many artists who came from all over the world, posing by their creations. We wish we could include all participants, because they are all winners just by taking part in this solidarity exhibition, but we invite you to visit the GemlucArt 2019 online catalogue to appreciate all the artworks.

Heartfelt thanks to loyal sponsors and partners

GemlucArt organizers want to express their heartfelt thanks to loyal sponsors and partners, because it is their continuous support that allows them to exist, continue to grow and raise funds for a great cause.

Mairie de Monaco, Monaco Direction du Tourisme et des Congres, Monaco Economic Board, Artcurial, Heritage Properties & Heritage Construction, SMEG, MI, Societe Monegasque D’Assinissement, Monaco Telecom, Pitstop Monte-Carlo, Studio Abba, Galerie Adriano Ribolzi Monaco, Novotel, 98MIL Monaco, Monaco Art Gallery Show, Monaco Faconnage, Gramaglia, MonteCarloin, Heritage System, Paul Conti, Beddington Fine Art, IDmediacannes, Societe Nautique Monaco, L’Atelier Franck Michel, Boss Securite Prive, Heritage Properties, Art Cote D’Azur, Imprimerie de Monaco, Vildeo, SMEG, and Monaco Reporter.

Organizers want to express their special thanks to partners and friends,  Guillaume Rapin, Dr Benoit Paulmier, Axelle Comte, Remy Kergal, Odile Cauchy, Annette Forzani, Vanessa Buldalski and Francoise Pianeta.

Business teams up with Art to improve health

GEMLUC (Monaco Group of Companies in the Fight Against Cancer) is a non-government charitable association created in 1973, presided by Dr. Beatrice Brych and under the honorary presidency of H.R.H. Princess Caroline of Hanover.

Gemluc’s mission is to raise funds to support clinical research, assist those suffering from the disease and their families, and contribute to prevention, screening and care.

Through their annual charity contest-exhibition GemlucART, they raise funds for medical research to find a cure, purchase state of-the-art materials for hospitals, assist patients and their families, and create awareness about prevention, detection and care by drawing the public attention through the magic of artist expression.

GemlucArt invites the public, increasing in number every year, to discover artists working in Monaco and those coming from different coins of the world, while creating awareness and raising funds for the fight to eradicate the devastating disease.

The organizers succeeded in making of this exhibition a landmark both in terms of contemporary art as well as innovation in fundraising, together with their annual fundraising dinner “Soiree de l’Espoir” at the Automobile Club of Monaco.

To help people suffering from the disease means also to help specialists so they have access to state-of-the-art material on the edge of technology, or funds to continue their research to find a cure. The Scientific Center in Monaco, and the Princess Grace Hospital Center benefited from financial donations by Gemluc during the last few years, as well as the Urology service of Dr. Herve Quintens. Their generosity extends beyond the frontiers of the Principality, such us the Antoine-Lacassagne center in Nice, France, receiving a donation to support medical studies not covered by public funds.

The theme for GemlucArt 2020

The theme for next year will be Porte blanche, porte noire, toc, toc, that in English would translate to White Door, Black Door, knock knock.  Artists wishing to participate in 2020, please visit the GemlucArt website for updated information and registration.

Today’s Quote  

“The principle of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.” Jerzy Kosinski


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