Katelyn Ohashi & Miss Val honored at Princess Grace International Gymnastics Gala

Promoting women’s sports

The Monégasque Gymnastics Federation, under the high Patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco, organized the Princess Grace International Gymnastics Gala, from November 30 through December 1, 2019, at the Stade Louis II in the Principality. Founded in 1979 by Princess Grace, the objective of this event is to promote women’s sports, particularly gymnastics. And the best way to celebrate Princess Grace’s vision, was to invite two Americans, 22-year old Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi, and her unconventional coach Valorie Kondos Field as the Gala’s guests of honor. Both were recognized with achievement awards presented by Prince Albert and Princess Stephanie. (Photo @Edwright Images)

Katelyn Ohashi is responsible for introducing a new audience to gymnastics after her brilliantly energetic routine for the UCLA Gymnastics team earned her a perfect 10 and subsequently went viral with over 100 million hits worldwide. The routine showcased her amazing talent but more importantly the energy of her routine and obvious enjoyment made it impossible to watch without smiling.

Valorie Kondos Field who is known by the scores of champion gymnasts she has coached over her career, even if she has no background in gymnastics. Miss Val as she is known is the former head coach of the seven-time NCAA Champion, 22-time Regional and 18-time Pac 12 Champion UCLA Women’s Gymnastics team. Inducted into the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame in 2010 she is also four-times “National Coach of the Year” and Coach of the century.

Both Katelyn and Miss Val are both positive role models for young people, organizing inspirational talks on current life issues. Katelyn has a blog entitled Behind the Madness, responding to questions about all aspects of life with an accent on competitive sports, covering body image, health and wellness.

In celebration of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Princess Grace, the International Gymnastics Gala unveiled a new format. Over the two-day event, international gymnasts executed their performances in the hope to be awarded one of the four prestigious Princess Grace trophies presented by no other than Prince Albert II of Monaco himself.

A jury of specialized international gymnast determined which talented individual would receive one of the four trophies in the following disciplines: Female artistic gymnastics, Men’s artistic gymnastics, Acrobatic gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics.

This year, Amber Lounge Lifestyle was the main sponsor of the 2019 Princess Grace International Gymnastics Gala. Amber Lounge have a long-standing reputation for supporting talented local and international athletes from sports as diverse as Formula 1 motor racing to cycling events such as The Champagne & Oyster Cycling Club of Monaco charity bike ride in aid of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation.

They are particularly thrilled to have welcomed American Artistic Champion gymnast Katelyn Ohashi and her coach Valorie Kondos Field. These celebrities joined gymnasts who are aiming to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo as well as other international athletes. Katelyn and Valorie were guests of Amber Lounge Lifestyle throughout the weekend and enjoyed the delights of Monaco and Amber Lounge hospitality, while sharing their inspirational story.

“We’re always told to fit into this box and do what other people expect of us and be what other people expect of us. What I’ve learned is that to really be successful is to love every single thing you do and to find joy in that. I try and achieve my daily goal to make one thing more beautiful every single day. I want to bring my joy of gymnastics and of life to Monaco and the Princess Grace International Gymnastics Gala” – Katelyn Ohashi.

“Life is a big adventure that all comes down to choices. The choices you make are going to dictate the life you lead. When you understand that, this is when your life starts to come alive. I do not believe in failure and gratitude is the most important habit to train. I am fortunate to be invited to this wonderful Gala in Monaco alongside Katelyn.” – Valorie Kondos Field.

Today’s Quote

“When we can learn to not judge each other and embrace our differences it makes us unified, not divided.” Val Kondos Field


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