Action Innocence Christmas Trees charity auction raised €204,000

Christmas is all around! 

On Wednesday, December 11, 2019, the lobby of the legendary Hotel de Paris became an enchanting forest of colorful and glittering Christmas Trees, offered by generous donors that were auctioned in the presence of Prince Albert II. A total of €204,000 was raised for the benefit of the Monegasque association Action Innocence, presided by Louisette Levy Soussan Azzoaglio, whose noble mission is to protect the integrity of children in the internet. (Photo below: The Hall of the Hotel de Paris during the Christmas Trees auction 2019©EdWrightImages/Action Innocence)

Action Innocence was created in 2002, and year after year since the start of this innovative charity sale back in 2004, Prince Albert joins his long time friend Louisette and her team, reaffirming his support for their continuous and unrelenting work. Among the distinguished guests yesterday evening were: Farah Pahlavi, Empress consort of Iran, H.E. Cristiano Gallo, Ambassador of Italy in Monaco, Hinduja S.P. Shanu, and Donatella Campioni, just to name a few.

(Photo: Prince Albert with Louisette Levy Soussan Azoaglio & members of the Action Innocence team©EdWImages/Action Innocence)

While contemplating the splendidly adorned Christmas Trees, generous bidders and their children got immersed into the holiday spirit with the performance by the charming chorus of young girls and boys from the International School of Monaco (ISM), known as the ISM Voices, singing Christmas Carols under the direction of Colette Max Nielsen. (Photo: Prince Albert with The ISM Voices, December 11, 2019©EdWrightImages/Action Innocence).  Christmas is not about opening presents but opening our hearts!

Professional auctioneer Julien Vincent Brunie of Christie’s France conducted the live auction that rose €204,000 from the sale of 37 beautifully decorated trees. Action Innocence thanks the generous bidders who will enable the association to continue their mission to protect the dignity and integrity of children surfing the Internet.

Giving is receiving

As it has been customary for the last ten years, Action Innocence offers the proceeds from one of the decorated trees to another charitable association. This year, 11,000 from the sale of the Gruppo Giardini Monaco Christmas tree benefited the MIR association in France who helps underprivileged children.

To this date Action Innocence has supported these associations:

  • 2010 – Association “DeVenir”
  • 2011 – Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation
  • 2012 – Les Petits Chanteurs de Monaco
  • 2013 – Fight Aids Monaco
  • 2014 – Centre de Sauvetage Aquatique de Monaco
  • 2015 – Namaste
  • 2016 – Les Anges Gardiens
  • 2017 – Jeune J’Ecoute
  • 2018 – Athina
  • 2019 – MIR

Safeguarding children in the Internet

Action Innocence is a non-for-profit association founded in 1999 in Switzerland, and created in Monaco in 2002 by Louisette Levy Soussan Azzoaglio.

Its mission is to increase awareness among children and their parents about the dangers of the Internet, including preventing them from becoming victims of sexual abuse, remind children that anybody can hid behind the internet mask. The Internet is without a doubt the favorite means of communication for people of all ages, but it needs close supervision to protect children’s welfare.

This association works to protect the dignity of children by warning them of abuses such as cyber-bullying, sexting (sending of sexually explicit photos, images and text messages), gaming and the danger of impersonators, sexual predators and pornography. Their goal is to provide children with Internet safety tips and civil practices and help develop their critical thinking and decision-making skills, and at the same create awareness among parents and educators so they can become partners.

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