Prince Albert attended Monegasque Art Salon with New York artists as guests of honor

Art + Science was an inspiring theme

Prince Albert, accompanied by distinguished personalities from the Principality, did the honors of a private visit the day after the inauguration of the exhibition ART + SCIENCE, now open to the public from December 6-22, 2019, at the Salle Quai Antoine 1ere in Monaco. The Prince admired the works of the artists and took time to exchange impressions with them.

This prestigious Art Salon is organized annually by the National Monegasque Committee for the Visual Arts, member of the International Association of Plastic Arts under UNESCO,  presided by Marie-Aimée Tirole.  This year’s exhibition was co-curated by Monegasque artist Caroline Bergonzi, who has been living and working in the Big Apple for several years, and the Meta Gallery in NY & Monaco.

Around 30 local artists participated this year with a cosmopolitan group from New York completing the exhibition.

The talented guests artists selected by the committee this year, who are from different countries, but all based in New York are:  Caroline Bergonzi, Adrian Dimetriou, Laura Fantini, Kevin Kelly, Elizabeth Knowles, Marc Lambrechts, Eric Laxman, Haksul Lee, Jorge Posada, Roy Roeloffs, Thierry Geoffrey/Colonel, Gregory de la Haba.

(Photo: The artists of Salon 2019 with Simon Hankinson, USA General Consul, Patrice Cellario, Minister of Interior and Culture of Monaco, and Brigitte Boccone Pages VP Conseil National @Rita Saitta)

Among the distinguished personalities, who joined Marie-Aimee Tirole and Caroline Bergonzi at the inauguration, were: Simon Hankinson, USA General Consul, and from the Principality Patrice Cellario, Minister of Interior and Culture, Didier Gamerdinger, Minister of Health and Social Affairs, Francoise Gamerdinger in charge of Cultural Affairs, Brigitte Boccone Pages, Vice-President National Council, Daniel Boeri from the National Council, Genevieve Vatrican, Unesco National Commission, Marylaure Pastorelli, General Secretary AIAP Monaco Committee, and Cristiano Gallo, Ambassador of Italy in Monaco.

The objectives of this prestigious Monegasque art association are to encourage international cooperation among the artists of all countries, nations or people, and to promote the economic and social position of artists both nationally and internationally, as well as to defend their material and moral rights. There are more than 80 national committees adhering to UNESCO around the world, with the Monaco branch dating back to 1955 when it was created by artist Etienne Clerissi.

Salon 2019 Laureates

Jury Prize (composed of personalities form the art world), and divided into four categories:

  • Painting – Ania Pabis Guillaume
  • Sculpture – Sven Vandenbosch
  • Photo – Christophe Cauvin

Jury prize of supporting members – Marie-Aimée Tirole

Prize U.N.E.S.C.O. Monaco National Commission

  • Viviane Marchioni
  • Pierre Cointe

Prize Conseil National – Patrick Van Klaveren

Public prize – To be unveiled at the end of the exhibition.

Today’s Quote

“Art and science have so much in common – the process of trial and error, finding something new and innovative, and to experiment and succeed in a breakthrough.” Peter M. Brant


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