Princess Grace Academy talented students presented spectacular end-of-the-year musical

Christmas time in New York City

This past Friday, December 20, 2019, we had the privilege to join teachers, staff, parents, and loyal supporters for the students’ end-of-the-year show at Casa Mia, the legendary home of the Princess Grace Academy. These young talented artists choreographed and danced in their own Princess Grace Hotel musicalspecially created for the holiday season, that marks the end of their academic year. It was a superb spectacle like never seen before!

They dance, act, choreograph & cook!

Students of all ages and all grades participated in the musical showing their dance, acting and choreographic talents. In the photos below you see them all backstage enthusiastically waiting to come on to the stage!

As the plot goes: It was Christmas time in New York City at the Princess Grace Hotel. Luca Ferro, a famous fashion designer, had created a very expensive necklace, to be auctioned for the benefit of Madame Yuika’s Magic Plants association.

During the auction attended by several wealthy guests, something terrible happens. Will the staff and guests of the Princes Grace Hotel solve the mystery?

After the show students invited everybody to enjoy a cocktail offering delicious meals and desserts they had prepared themselves representing their countries. The evening culminated with everybody gathering around the Christmas tree, for the traditional Secret Santa exchange of presents.

Academy enhances Monaco’s image in the world

Each year around 40 to 50 dancers from all over the world join Princess Grace Academy, under the direction of Luca Masala. During 4 years, students 14 to 18 years old take courses in classical, contemporary and character dance, composition, Pilates, music and dance history. In parallel the dancers follow a normal school instruction and the foreign students take language courses. The teaching staff at the Academy is comprised of professors and artists with international careers, that helped reach excellence in teaching.

The objective of the Academy is also for the students to learn to live together, away from their country of origin and their families, thanks to the help of professional teachers and staff who are really caring human beings. This is a school where students flourish not only into accomplished dancers but also into cultured, well-rounded individuals.

 “The Academy is not only a dance school, it is a school of life that will help the students integrate in a universe that is not easy. Because to dance is not a job, it is a real way of life!” affirms Luca Masala.

Luca scouts talented young dancers all over the world by attending reputable contests and selecting the most talented youngsters. Not an easy task as most academies compete for the same gifted dancers. The students of the Academy work very hard in friendly ambiance and learn the trade that will enable them one day to make their dream come true.

But Luca’s work does not end when the student complete their instruction at the Academy. His end objective is for his students to join reputable dance companies all over the world, and every year he reaches his target 100%!

Making a donation

It costs approximately Euro 15,000 for the tuition of each student, who are all granted an scholarship on their merits, only paying for food and lodge. The Princess Grace Academy counts with a partial subvention from the Monaco Government, but relies heavily on donations to offset their total yearly costs. In making a contribution you will help talented students make their dreams come true and become professional dancers!

Today’s quote

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” Martha Graham


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