Food Influencers Awards First Edition

On Saturday, April 9, 2022, the Food Influencers Awards will launch its First Edition at the enchanting Domaine de Barbossi, Riviera Golf, organized by Stylezza magazine. This event brings together the culinary community from all over France and Monaco, and has plans to extend to the world.

Due to the growth and influence of the digital world, the culinary field is a real source of inspiration and connection, but it is true that also requires a level of presence. Beginners as well as consecrated participants will gather together for a purely gastronomic and influential competition.

Popular Prize and Jury Prize

Food Influencers Awards consists of two parts: online and offline, with two different prizes: One, the Popularity Prize with the Votes / Likes of supporters, and the Jury Prize with a practical test, where influencers must guess the ingredients used by the Starred Top Chef, Jean-François Berard, and make an interesting and attractive live and photographic presentation. All happening under the five senses of gastronomic masters.

A Jury worthy of the Gastronomic Oscars – Escoffier Institute participation

The members of the Jury are personalities from the Escoffier Institute: Mario d’Orio, Head Chef, Disciple Escoffier, Toc Blanche, Michel Lefèvre, Artisan Pastry Chef, Disciple Escoffier, Cordon d’Or, Culinary Academy, Stéphane Oprea, the President of the Escoffier Institute in Romania, Louis Lagrange, Chef restaurant La Brigade du Goût in La Turbie, Martine Ackermann, President of Child Care Monaco, a heart of gold who comes from a family of Escoffier Chefs and Disciples, Soraya Bahsoun, Côte d’Azur ambassador, Jean-François Berard, Starred Top Chef who will do the Culinary Show live.

Cooking Live Show by Michelin Star Chef, Jean-François Berard

Among the guests of honor we would like to mention the Honorary General Secretary, Mr Bernard Louis Jaunet and Mrs Antoinette Petit, former director of the Vignette Haute, Mrs Alberte Escande, President of the Association of Monegasque Hotel Industries.

Jean-François Berard will cook live on site, in his very friendly and interactive way. During this live test, influencers will taste some of the dishes prepared by the Michelin Chef, guess their ingredients and make an influence-type 5min presentation, oral and visual. The jury will judge the performances, taking into account: creativity, precision, layout (both the short presentation and the visual), consistency on site and on their social networks.

It is very important for influencers to have a good level of culinary presentation. This region deserves it and it gives the motivation to grow.We should be well supported by the actors of the region to highlight this as it is so important for the Côte d’Azur brand. Our job is to link this region to the world at large.I want to thank those who are by our side and understood this our objectives: our host, Domaine de Barbossi, the Disciples Escoffier Institute through all its representatives, Qhuiz Agency, Media Art Design, Child Care Monaco, Happy Drive Côte d’Azur.” said Andra Oprea, founder of Stylezza magazine and organizer of Food Influencers Awards.

Food Influencers Awards begins its story on the French Riviera and Monaco with but aiming the world at large. This has always been Stylezza magazine’s mission: to link this region to the world and vice versa, building a bridge between this beautiful corner of the globe and other countries, with content that inspires and motivates people in every way of life, with Gastronomy at its center!


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