Showcasing Talent – Princess Grace Academy Gala

The Gala of the Princess Grace Academy is a very special annual event, a unique stage experience, where the highly prestigious dance school, intimately linked to the distinguished Ballets of Monte-Carlo, proudly showcases their student’s talents and achievements, while displaying the Director, Luca Masala, and faculty’s top level training skills. This year, the public was able to discover the highest level of ballet training, embracing diverse styles, from pure classic to totally contemporary, by young dancers coming from all over the world.

Photo credit: Alice Blangero – Per Tutti by Michel Rahn, music by G. Rossini

Under the sign of creativity!

Once again, 4 talented choreographers were invited to create innovative pieces to be fantastically performed by the Academy students: Goyo MONTEROFrancesco NAPPAJulien GUERINMichel RAHN

When art becomes excellence!

The Academy’s main goal is to train professional dancers who will in turn join major international companies. To accomplish this, they prepare students to develop the essential qualities needed to perform in this industry, namely discipline, respect of the profession, empowerment of the choreographic artist, openness to the world of the arts and generate passion.

Photo credit: Alice Blangero 2022 – Dummer by Goyo, Montero, Princess Grace Academy Gala

The students receive 2 end-of-term assessment reports which state their level in each discipline. At the end of the year, they sit an exam in front of a jury comprised of the academy’s Director and the teaching staff, the directors of professional dance companies and professional guest dancers. The students who finished their studies receive a completion diploma (Certificat d’Aptitude de Danseur Professionnel).

Photo credit: Alice Blangero 2022 – L’Ultima Onda by Francesco Napa, Princess Grace Academy Gala

The Académie’s management is committed to helping students find a job at the end of their training in the following ways:

  • Preparing a presentation folder for auditions (photos, videos and CV)
  • The Director personally contacts the Directors of Companies to organise auditions

Meet the 2022 graduates, and their future companies, giving their farewell on the Salle Garnier mythical stage!

Dorian PLASSE: Stutgarter Ballet, Stuttgart, Germany ; Clara BOSELLI: Royal Swedish Ballet, Stockholm. Sweden; Thiago PEREIRA SILVA: English National Ballet, London, UK; Yo NAKAJIMA: Semperoper Ballet, Dresden Germany; Yuki NUKADA: Royal Swedish Ballet, Stockholm, Sweden; Andreea TARUS: Ballet Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland; Darrion SELLMAN: Royal Ballet, London, UK; Joel DICHTER: Semperoper Ballett, Dresden, Germany

Photo credit: Alice Blangero, The 2022 Princess Grace Academy Graduates

Today’s Quote

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. Friedrich Nietzsche


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