9th edition of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge – July 4-9, 2022

For the love of the ocean

Essential to the economy and the planet’s lungs, the ocean covers 70% of the Earth and produces 50% of its oxygen. Those facts confirm the urgent need to protect it. All year round, Monaco Energy Boat Challenge contestants and the yachting industry work together to re-design the face of the industry to help achieve this.

Under the aegis of the collective ‘Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting’ umbrella, this event which launched in 2014 gathers the industry and young engineers in partnership with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, with support from Credit Suisse, BMW and SBM Offshore, as well as Oceanco shipyard.

“Innovation is a fundamental challenge for our era in yachting. Propulsion, renewable energy, eco-construction and eco-design are among approaches that will enable our sector to respond to environmental concerns. We are delighted to see such enthusiasm for this event with 35 teams in competition and the involvement of big names in the yachting industry,” says YCM General Secretary Bernard d’Alessandri.

This event reunites 38 teams taking part in an event which combines numerous on-water challenges (sea trials, speed records, endurance and manoeuvrability trials) to test and demonstrate new technology’s potential with technical discussions in open source (a conference, daily Tech Talks, a round table) to share knowledge on progress in propulsion.

Photo credit: Borlenghi

The exhibitors’ village

An exhibitors’ village open to the public hosts startups and new projects in the innovation and new energy fields in yachting. In total a record 50+ eco-boats will be showing what they can do in the YCM Marina, powered by alternative energy sources! 

Once again there are three categories in competition, Energy Class, Open Sea Class and Solar Class. The field will be completed by some 30 exhibitors in the Village area open to the public (free entry), the ideal opportunity to see the latest innovations and projects for sustainable propulsion in the maritime sector. Among regulars are FinX which is developing patented biomimetic and electric propulsion technology that replaces propellors with an undulating membrane inspired by fish. E’dyn, Amer Yachts, Gerrisboats and Aquon are also back this year, as is the Monaco-based Lanéva Boats all having competed in the Open Sea Class in 2021. “We are developing 100% electric boats,” explains François Richard, CEO at Lanéva Boats. “We came second last year and met so many players in the market. This year we hope to be greeted with the same enthusiasm when we present our new boat”.

Today’s Quote

Our universe is a sea of energy – free, clean energy. It is all out there waiting for us to set sail upon it. Robert Adams


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