Tuiga set sail to vanquish the Adriatic

A three match race of two classic vessels

Today, July 14, 2022, the Yacht Club of Monaco’s flagship Tuiga (1909) finished her Adriatic campaign of three match race meetings against Mariska, another 15M IR out of the four in the world still sailing. The

Tuiga – Photo: CarloBorlenghi

YCM’s crew members, all passionate about sailing and classic yachts, certainly showed their talent and expertise on this regatta circuit. See crew photos below by The Spirit of Tuiga group.

Getting the ball rolling

The gaff cutter’s summer agenda started in Venice at the IXe Trofeo Principato di Monaco (June 24-26), a historic event as Tuiga had never dropped anchor in Venetian waters before. “Elegant yet competitive, Tuiga embodies all the values we hold dear and to see her sailing in Venice is exceptional,” said Yacht Club de Monaco General Secretary Bernard d’Alessandri. This classic yacht meeting took place thanks to the close collaboration of Anna Licia Balzan, Monaco’s Honorary Consul in Venice, the Monegasque Tourism and Convention Authority in Italy, and the Venice Yacht Club and its president Mirko Sguario. The presence of the Sovereign’s yacht in La Serenissima will remain engraved in everyone’s memories.

Photo: @CarloBorlenghi_12381:Tuiga & Mariska, Venice, IX Trofeo Principato di Monaco

With her trip to the gates of San Marco Square, the longest in the Mediterranean for this gaff cutter, another chapter has been written in the 113-year old Tuiga’s history. After two days of racing a match race event took place against Mariska, where Tuiga emerged the overall winner. These two beautiful classic yachts, designed by Scottish naval architect William Fife III, participated in a friendly duel in the Bacino di San Marco, with the vast Venetian Arsenal providing a stunning backdrop worthy of its protagonists.

Return match in Portorož

A few days later, Tuiga set sail for Slovenia’s Portorož bay (1-3 July), a journey that took just under seven hours. After a first day training, Tuiga and Mariska had to wait patiently for several hours until the weather improved and the two could line up on the start of an inshore course.

Photo:@MelissaBartolMisson, Tuiga and Mariska, Portorož, Slovenia

Monegasque Tuiga put to the test the crew’s expertise during numerous starting procedures, knowing just how to keep their position and retain their advantage till the starting gun fired. Faster downwind with the spinnaker, Mariska eventually won this contest with a professional crew experienced in high-level regattas.

Historical tour ends in Italy

It was in Trieste, Italy, (July 9-10) that the Adriatic tour ended for the two 15M IRs, with a dozen sailors from the Yacht Club Adriaco on board to lend a hand to the Monegasques on this occasion. Two races were launched in 6-12 knots on a calm sea, with the Monegasque gaff cutter in control of her opponent to the first windward mark, before crossing the finish line first to claim victory. It was all change for the second race which was finally won by Mariska.

With all things being equal between the two yachts, they should need to get together soon for a battle royal! Meanwhile, Tuiga is back out at sea on the way home at the Yacht Club of Monaco via Brindisi and Palermo.

Today’s Quote

A sailing vessel is alive in a way that no ship with mechanical power ever be. Aubrey de Selincourt


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