BEKING Monaco 2nd Edition, November 27, 2022

Sport meets solidarity

Scheduled for Sunday, November 27, 2022, BEKING will gather cyclists for a day of sport and solidarity, competing on an iconic circuit to raise funds for charities. BEKING will feature numerous events alongside the bike races witg room in the program for all ages: teenagers, children, families.

There will be two competitions the public will be able to enjoy during the day with the professionals and the Pro-Am, dedicated to amateurs who want to put themselves to the test, challenging their idols. The route of the professional competition will run along part of the Formula 1 track and is characterised by numerous bends, some of which are considered ‘high speed’ challenging sections. The format, one of the fans’ favorites, will be the city criterium, a way to breathe in the adrenaline of the sport and get excited, passage after passage.

Pro-Am charity event

The Pro-Am charity event, on the other hand, will consist of a challenge between teams composed of professionals, ambassadors of the sport and two amateurs who will race on the same circuit. The 2021 European and Italian champion and winner of Paris-Roubaix, Sonny Colbrelli, will participate in this special criterium and confirms the winning format of the event: “It was absolutely fantastic to race the Pro-Am last year. I am aware, as are my colleagues, that we have a responsibility to the amateurs because they love cycling and they follow and trust us and are inspired by us. When I arrived at the start, I saw that they were excited to waiting for us. I in turn was excited to share that moment with them and team up to cross the finish line first. My teammates were fierce; grit and enthusiasm were at their peak. In the end, we took second place and we were very happy with that. It was a beautiful day of sport and celebration,” Colbrelli continues. “Bottas (Valtteri) was also on the team. Not only were the amateurs excited, I was too. I felt honoured to race with a great F1 champion who put his heart into it as if he were racing a grand prix and who thanked me at the end for the result we had achieved together. Really wonderful! Thinking about it, I couldn’t say in which sport, but especially in which event, it is possible to share a moment like that. I think BEKING is one of a kind.”

Entertainment for all ages

For children, there will be a free area where they can learn to ride a bike, have fun and play, with many activities in store for them. Access to the kids’ area does not imply registration or age limits, it will be sufficient to have some mastery of the bike – be it push bike or pedal bike.
Enthusiasts will also be able to visit the Expo Area, where, thanks to the event’s partners, it will be possible to discover a preview of all the novelties in the bike world and meet the illustrious personalities of world cycling. In the Beking Village DJ sets will alternate on the main stage to provide great entertainment throughout the day.

BEKING Monaco is an event that supports charities through cycling while raising awareness of cycling as a synonym for sustainable mobility.
For the complete program visit the official website

Today’s Quote

The bicycle is the noblest invention of mankind. William Saroyan, Nobel prize winner


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