Stand-up Comedy Festival benefiting Les Enfants de Frankie, Saturday, June 3, 2023

FESTISMILE at Theatre des Varietes, Monaco

Join us at the “FestiSmile” Comedy Festival tailored made and for the benefit of « Les enfants de Frankie », on Saturday, June 3, at 20:00 at the Theatre des Varietes in Monaco.


The Monte-Carlo Stand-up and Comedy Festival in collaboration with Gross Prod, presents its latest show in avant—premier, an American-style show with 8 comedians, all with their own particular style, offering you a multifaceted show: Mickael Bieche, Carlos Flinnroii, Hugues Lavigne, Yoan Lesavre, Sacha Losi, Rodrigue, Coralie Rodrigues & Baba Rudy.

Get ready to laugh, to applaud and even get up from your seats to make the Théâtre des Variétés vibrate while tending a helping hand to disadvantaged children.

Today’s Quote

To unite, is to give hope to the world! Let’s unite to offer hope to our children. Les Enfants de Frankie


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