Fiona Tan’s artwork guided by the divine

Visionary artist interested in energy, healing and well-being

Fiona Tan is a multi-cultural, multifaceted, visionary young creative individual with a profound interest in the fields of energy, healing, and well-being.  It was curiously in 2020 that we reconnected at a deeper level. The silver lining to the worldwide lockdown has been a return to spiritual divinity and a reconnection to those sharing the same level of awakening. Fiona and I walked along the sea in nearby Cap d’Ail on counted occasions, a welcomed opportunity to be outdoors, breathe fresh air, and exchange ideas in close contact with Mother Nature. We philosophized on how perspectives were shifting and critical thinking became essential during these times.  Restrictions on normal human behavior, actions and thinking were meant to act as a limiting factor, but to those who were ready to look within propelled some much deeper truths.  

I recently visited Fiona’s home-style studio to find every bit of wall covered by her art pieces. Instead of making the apartment look smaller, some of the monumental artworks seemed to enlarge the space with its rainbow colors emanating powerful light. It was fascinating to watch Fiona in the act of putting the finishing touches on one of her latest creations.  When prompted about her artistic process, Fiona explained: “My creative process is being guided by the divine, just as hope and faith, it’s about connecting and trusting something bigger and beyond myself. Each step of the way makes me reevaluate this connection.” 

Fiona Tan’s Virtual Gallery – Technical specifications of all artworks: acrylic, varnish, and glitter powder on an ultra chrome print on canvas

Fiona uses a multifaceted approach where she draws, paints, photographs, scans, or uses computer-generated elements. She disintegrates the information to reconstruct it, again and again, bringing unison where there was havoc. She describes the process: “Just as rearranging musical notes on a piece of paper to create a symphony.”

The artist is on a quest to explore unknown frontiers to discover the beauty of the universe, experience deep emotions, face new challenges to find wisdom and clarity through lessons learned, and reach a state of serenity. During any adversity and growth it’s important to step into courage and Fiona’s Art help you do that. It’s a great fuel to empower the spirit. Let’s be reminded that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and the itinerary itself is more important than the destination. 

Fiona added: “To find balance and stillness, I connect to the Light above/ God/ The Source; however, you want to call it. I get visions resembling landscapes, a blurb of colors or forms. I also hear words, whispers, and feel different types of emotions and transcendence.” She made the analogy of a Jigsaw puzzle, where the first thing you do is separate the pieces, uncovering what she needs to experience personally, then learning what people need to do to go beyond their barriers. I understand her art to be an act of active metamorphosis. “The process of manifestation is coupled with visualization and faith. As I create the piece, I also interface the energy and healing aspects of my development.”

ARTceuticals – Medicinal & Transformation Art

This highly spiritual sensitive artist creates ARTceuticals to help their viewers to attain balance and transformation by dismantling blockages and conquering fears and pain, letting go of what does not serve them anymore to enable growth. As Albert Einstein stated: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” The energy generated by Fiona’s mixed-media artworks brings harmony to the subconscious mind with specifics effects in tandem with the individual’s resonance. The artist aims to aid people in transcending limitations enabling to create a new abundance and beauty.

Unlock your Divine Potential

In 2020 Fiona, who is also a certified wellness coach, published an E-book entitled Unlock your Divine Potential, where she recounts her story and provides a step-by-step guide to activate your spiritual energy and clear blockings. I had the privilege of reading it, and I assure you will love it so I invite you to discover it! It is for sale on her website:   

Today’s Quote

Your divine potential is not a myth, but a reality that you can unlock yourself.” Fiona Tan 


One thought on “Fiona Tan’s artwork guided by the divine

  1. Dear Celina ,
    I did enjoy reading your article about Fiona so beautifully expressed her talent as an artist to connect with the energy of the universe and l’au-delà 🙏🏻


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