Princess Charlene of Monaco strong advocate for water safety & drowning prevention

First edition of Water Safety Day in the Principality

Princess Charlene, former Olympic swimmer and like a fish in the water, participated in the Water Safety Day for drowning prevention, on Monday, June 6, 2016, organized for the first time in Monaco by her namesake Foundation together with the Monegasque Aquatic Rescue Center (CSAM) and the French association Cap O Pas Ca, in partnership with the Monegasque Red Cross. On the eve of the summer season, the messages from the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation (FPCM) are very relevant, as the objective is to create public awareness of water dangers, teaching children preventive measures and teach them to swim to save lives. The event counted with the support and the presence of Patrice Cellario, Minister of Interior of Monaco with the invaluable collaboration from the National Education, Youth and Sports.

On the Larvotto beach, more than 90 students from 11 to 13 years old, from the Bellevue College in Beausoleil and F.A.N.B. and Charles III in the Principality, participated in an event under the sign of drowning prevention. Before that the students took part in workshops dealing with the discovery of the aquatic environment, initiation to rescuing disciplines as well as practice of cardiac massage and the use of defibrillators.

Top level athletes support the Princess’ efforts

The Red Cross volunteers, in the presence of its General Director Philippe Narmino and Dr Mathieu Liberatore (Head of the Radiology service of the Princess Grace Hospital), working alongside the CSAM team lead by its director Pierre Frolla, triple World’s Recordman in Free Immersion and ambassador of the FPCM, shared their knowledge and expertise with the children. They counted with the support of international rescue champions: Stephanie Barneix-Geyer, President of Cap O pas Cap (world coastal rescue and paddle board champion); Alexandra Luz and Itziar Abascal Rivero (both world coastal rescue champions); Julien Lalanne (SERC world champion) and Anthony Mazzer (European junior coastal rescue champion).

Drowning prevention is everybody’s business, high-level athletes from other fields also attended the workshops: Alain Bernard (free swim double Olympic champion); Virginie Dedieu (synchronized swimming triple Olympic champion’ Stephane Diagana (world champion 400m hurdles); Guillaume Nery (apnea multiple record holder), and Kevin Rolland (French freestyle skier and halfpipe Olympic medalist). Kirsty Coventry, swimming Olympic champion came to give all her support to this important event.

The day’s activities culminated with the relay Ocean Race (beach run, swimming, paddle board) among the different athletes with no other than the emblematic Marc Toesca as commentator. This trial was won by the team composed of Stephane Diagana (beach run) Alexandra Luz (swimming) and Carlos Alonso Ruiz (paddle board).

Did you know these facts about drowning?

  1. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 372.000 people around the world lost their lives by drowning in 2012.
  • More than 40 people die per hour
  • More than half of those drowned are less than 25 years old
  • Children of less than 5 years old are the worst affected

2.  More than 100.000 people in the world, principally children, have benefited from the programs “Learn to Swim, for swimming learning”, and “Water Safety, for drowning prevention” after the creation of the Foundation Princess Charlene of Monaco in December 2012.

3.  The CSAM open at the end of 2014, located on the Larvotto beach, is the result of the efforts by the Princess’ Foundation, Pierre Frola, and the Principality’s Government. Their mission is to promote:

  • Teach children prevention measures and help them learn to save themselves and others.
  • Make these children become responsible concerned young citizens.

Today’s Quote

“It’s super important for babies to be able to swim before they can walk.” HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco


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