Eugenie Andrin premiered ISSUE in Monaco based on Abderrazak’s book on the Arab Spring

ISSUE is a cry for freedom 

The new choreography “ISSUE” by Eugenie Andrin was born from the encounter with the Tunisian journalist Shiran Ben Abderrazak, author of Journal d’une défaite (Diary of a defeat), and the visual artist Roxane Ducruet, enhanced by the music from Tarik Benouarka. This past Friday, December 1, 2017, Eugenie brought the piece to the Theatre des Varietes in Monaco, with part of the proceeds benefiting the association Monaco-Tunisia, presided by Leila Chiha.

Organized in a chronicle format, Abderrazak’s book published in January 2015 and adapted for ISSUE by Eugenie Andrin in 2017, is centered at the heart of the revolt movement and represents a voice among the uprising Tunisian people. A voice that incites to continue the fight, to never be fearful again, a voice that denounces treason and condemns the lack of courage that defeats the revolutionary purpose. Through his masterpiece the author chose to address the imposing theme of freedom in an intimate way, based on the feelings honored by the Tunisian people during the Arab revolution, and the months that followed that crucial moment in time.

The Tunisian Revolution inspired the Arab Spring

The Tunisian Revolution was an exhaustive campaign of civil resistance through street demonstrations, caused by high unemployment, high inflation, corruption, absence of political freedom and poor living condition, precipitating the ousting of longtime president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in January 2011. In due course it contributed to democratization of the country and to free democratic elections. The popular dissent constituted the most dramatic wave of social and political unrest in Tunisia in the last thirty years, unfortunately resulting in many deaths and injuries from retaliation action from the police and security forces against the demonstrators. The protests inspired similar actions throughout the Arab world, known as the Arab Spring.

Doors that push open over fears but also hope

ISSUE, the powerful and suggestive choreography, was enriched during a master class for Tunisian professional dancers at the Villa Dar Eyquem in Hammamet, co-founded and directed by Shiran Ben Abderrazak. This cultural institution encourages de development and cooperation among Tunisian artists and others around the world through formative and production activities.

The creation of “ISSUE”, by Eugenie Andrin, that could translate in English as Exit or Entrance or even Cause, is presented following the Arab Spring as thought provoking on the fragility of the revolutionary ideas and the price of freedom. The game among the dancers (Eugénie Andrin, Morena di Vico, Delphine Pouilly, invited Tunisian artist Emna Mouelhi and Marie-Pierre Genovese), and the stage decoration consisting of doors hanging in the air by Roxane Ducruet, plus the captivating music of Tarik Benouarka, create the perfect scenario to question these new thresholds, these rites of passage, and provide some direction on the road to follow in a labyrinth full of obstacles. Alternately, this doors that we push open over our fears, the abyss, illusion, but also dreams, hopes and truth.

Today’s Quote

“The secret to happiness is freedom… And the secret to freedom is courage.” Thucydides


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