Monaco actively committed to sustainable energy. Sign the National Energy Transition Pact!

Sustainable energy to stop global warming

The Government in the Principality urges individuals and companies to sign the recently launched National Pact on Energy Transition  emerged directly from the Paris Agreement and the White Paper, defined as a perdurable structural change in energy systems, to solve the global warming problem.

On Tuesday, January 29 H.E. Serge Telle, State Minister, accompanied by Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister for Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development, and Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux, director of the Mission for Energy Transition (MTE), had an interactive discussion on the politic of the Government vis-à-vis the energetic transition.

Monaco’s commitment to energy transition focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, and attaining carbon neutrality by 2050, by implementing the actions carried out by the Mission for Energy Transition applicable to everyone.

“Right now, it is easier to imagine a global climate catastrophe than a rapid economic transformation, yet the next decade could see the fastest energy transition in history,” affirms Owen Gaffney, co-lead author from Future Earth and The Stockholm Resilience Centre. The other co-lead author Johan Falk added: “Technology will not solve the climate challenge alone. The key is to reach a critical mass of companies, cities, nations, industries and citizens that are contributing to the Paris Agreement and show how attractive this is – this will create the snowball effect we need to scale solutions.”

The National Pact on Energy Transition invites individuals and companies to join and take action on the three main sources of greenhouse gas emissions: mobility, waste and energy; in order to modify utilization patterns and practices, while avoiding to hamper development and by creating other options.

Join Prince Albert in signing the energy pact

For detailed information visit the National Energy Transition Pact website, where you will be able to join online. The pact has already been signed by Prince Albert II, all Ministers and the President of the National Council. The SBM followed suit, with their President Jean-Luc Biamonti signing this past Friday, January 25; Francoise Gamerdinger signed it on behalf of the Princess Grace Theatre on Tuesday, January 29.

The pact that consists of a charter of commitment and action plans grouped by sectors: individuals, industries, hotels, etc., will be mailed out in the coming weeks. A carbon calculator gives an estimate of the quantities of GHG emitted, to assist the efforts of members.

The Mission for Energy Transition will provide support depending on each individual’s specific needs, and tracking will be carried out via communications and specific workshops all along, with an annual review to take place at the end of the year, to identify and recognize each participant’s commitment.

Green is the New Glam

The Monaco Tourism Office joins the energy transition by launching the Green is the new Glam campaign with the goal of Principality becoming a sustainable luxury destination as well as glamorous, as a country at the cutting edge of environment protection. Follow the hashtag #mcgreenglam

Business women association organized Energetic Transition conference 

On Tuesday, February 5, 2019, the members of the Entrepreneurial Business Women Association of Monaco (AFCEM), organized an interactive workshop on Energy Transition with the participation of Isabelle Curau-Bloch, Virginie Hache-Vincenot and Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux from the Energetic Transition Mission in Monaco.

Isabelle Curau-Bloch made a very interesting and clear detailed presentation of the Energy Transition Pact, exposing the problems, outlining solutions and inviting individuals and companies to get involved to reach Monaco’s goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, and attaining carbon neutrality by 2050. The highly accomplished members of AFCEM actively participated in the discussion, and confirmed they are ready to actively collaborate in the energetic transition, both as individuals and through their companies, and offer their experience in different fields to suggest possible solutions. Together we are more!

(Photo below: Hilde Heye with Isabelle Curau-Bloch, Virginie Hache-Vincenot and Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux and members of AFCEM, February 5, 2019 @Philippe Fitte)

To be ahead of the game everyone of us will need to be visionary, inventive and free of all presumptions, in order to transform the Principality into a responsible society, one that consumes less energy and relies on renewable resources, and is fully committed to carbon neutrality. Monaco could certainly become an example in laying the groundwork for others to follow suit. We invite you to click in the link below to join in and make it happen!

Join the National Energy Transition Pact!

Today’s Quote

“Quite frankly, there is no answer to climate change without substantially, dramatically, increasing the amount of renewable energy in the global energy system.” Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC


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