GemlucART grand cru edition in Monaco under the theme To Be Oneself

Art at the service of humankind

Tuesday, October 13 was the official opening of the 7th edition of GemlucArt, that will be running through October 20, 2015, transforming the Rainier III Auditorium in Monaco into a fantastic Contemporary Art Exhibition, showcasing over a hundred local and international talented artists, under the theme “To be Oneself”.

GEMLUC (Monaco Group of Companies in the Fight Against Cancer) is a non-government charitable association created in 1973, presided by Dr. Beatrice Brych and under the Honorary presidency of HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover. Through their annual competition-exhibition GemlucART, they raise funds for medical research to find a cure, purchase state of-the-art materials for hospitals, assist patients and their families, and create awareness about prevention, detection and care by drawing the public attention through the magic of artist expression.

Through this exhibition Gemluc invites the public to discover artists working in Monaco and abroad while creating awareness and raising funds with the sale of artworks for the fight against cancer. The organisation succeeded in making of this exhibition a landmark both in terms of contemporary art as well as innovation in research funding charity work.

A top class jury plus and outstanding logistics & management team

Like a good wine GemlucArt gets better with time! And the harvest this year is one of the best ever, thanks to the participation of talented artists from different parts of the world, an international jury of museum curators and art critics that selected the seven best artists of 2015, and an outstanding organising team that worked day and night to put together a high quality exhibition, they are tireless! Their efforts have been fruitful and the results are visible, as the art exhibition is gaining in quality and prestige.

The members of the Jury

  • Jean-Pierre Pastor (President)
  • Guillaume Barclay (Vice-President)
  • Doctor Beatrice Brych (President of GEMLUC)
  • Marina Picasso
  • Adriano Ribolzi
  • Francois-Xavier Ciais
  • Franck Michel
  • Ondine Roman

GemlucArt Team

  • Doctor Beatrice Brych (President of GEMLUC)
  • Laurence Garbatini – General Director
  • Yvon Kergal – Exposition Curator
  • Vanessa Burdalski – Project Chief

The award recipients

Apart from the seven main awards, the novelty for this 7th edition is a new section that grouped artists younger than 25 years old, plus an Honor prize.

Karl STENGEL, Hungary, “Music” – GemlucArt Grand Prize – 15 days of exhibition at Adriano Ribolzi Gallery

Patrick CHALAND, France, “Janus II” – Special Sculpture Prize – 15 days exhibition at Beddington Fine Art Gallery

Dany TULKENS, Belgium, “Wall Street” – Jury Prize – Exhibiton at the Atelier Franck Michel Gallery

JOE KING, France – “The Last “Iceland” – Public Prize – Two exhibitions in international art fairs with Monteoliveto Gallery in Nice and Naples

Anne Christine RODA, France – “Lola and Nadine” – Special Jury Prize – Personalized E-catalogue of 22 pages and exhibition a the Novotel Monte-Carlo

CB GUERRY, France – “My childhood dream: To Fly” – Theme Prize – Personalized E-catalogue of 22 pages

CYNEYE, France – “Origami” – Photography Prize – E-catalogue (or an exhibition at the Barclays Club gallery if possible)

MARILOU, Monaco (Daughter of artist Mirabelle) – “Life is a Joke” – Promising Prize – A media focus offered by Art Cote D’Azur

Lorenzo PADILLA, Cuba – “Myself” – Honor Prize

The artists posing by their artwork

I had the chance to photograph some of the many participating artists by their artwork. I wished I could feature them all, because they are all winners just by participating in this solidarity exhibition. You may see all the works exhibited by consulting the on-line catalogue

A heartfelt thank to GemlucArt loyal sponsors and partners

Gemluc received posthumous donation of 4,5 million Euros

Donation from Richard Pollock to GEMLUC @GPalais Princier Gaetan Luci

Recently GEMLUC received a posthumous donation of 4,5 million Euros from Richard Stanley Pollock who had resided in Monaco since the 80’s, in the presence of HRH Princess of Hanover, Dr. Beatrice Brych and Gilbert Delacour, will executor. This citizen of Great Britain who made a successful carrier in real state, wanted to leave part of his fortune to research in several countries: France, Great Britain, The Netherlands and Monaco, with the objective to find a cure for cancer. (In the photo taken by Gaetan Luci, Prince’s Palace: HRH Princess Caroline with Dr. Beatrice Brych and Gilbert Delacour.)

GemlucART exhibition theme for 2016

The theme for the 8th edition of GemlucART will be: “Let’s be insane: don’t take ourselves too seriously.” It is a rather provocative subject that will surely spark the artists’ imagination everywhere.

Today’s quote 

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” Aristotle


4 thoughts on “GemlucART grand cru edition in Monaco under the theme To Be Oneself

  1. Thanks Célina Lafuente de Lavotha for this great article about GEMLUCART and his artists. It’s also a great cause and fight against cancer. Speak as much as possible. Best regards. Arly Auclair.


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