Princess Alexandra of Hannover & Amara Sy present at culmination of NFL Monaco 2018

Over Euros 3,9 millions raised since NFL debut

This past Sunday, November 18, 2018, before the celebration of Monaco’s National Day on Monday, and after 194 hours in 8 days, the No Finish Line culminated in the presence of Princess Alexandra of Hannover and professional basketball player Amara Sy. The famous charity race counted with 14,278 runners or walkers covered a total of 432,662km, with a total a mount of Euros 432,662 raised (at the rate of 1km = 1 Euro) that the association Children & Future will dedicate to finance projects in support of underprivileged children. The NFL keeps breaking records in the name of children. Since the debut of the NFL, Children & Future has raised over Euro 3,9 millions.

Due to bad weather conditions during the first weekend, that obliged to close a section of the circuit, the objective of 444,444 km was unfortunately not reached. But other records were broken such as the number of participants on the course, as well as the number of kilometers covered by a team.

One more time, this course made of generosity and love was a resounding success, thanks to the number of participants, added to time investment of cheerful hard working volunteers and the loyal support from sponsors.

Prince Albert II, participated in the course as he does year after year since its inception in 1999. There were 351 accomplished teams in this edition, plus the individuals pursing personal challenges, and the experience runners who see in the NFL a highly anticipated sportive event. Together united for a common cause!

TAF at No Finish Line for the love of our marine life

The Animal Fund association had a stand at the NFL, with many enthusiastic children playing their educational games to create awareness about pollution in the ocean, and how each of us can do their part in helping to protecting marine life and by extension our ecosystem.

More than 271,000 tons of litter is estimated to be floating in the oceans, and 80% of this plastic on the Mediterranean coast and in our waters is being generated from land.

Litter is often lost or blown from inland, finds its way through wastewater drains or thoughtlessly dropped. Plastic bags and micro plastic in particular are mistaken for food killing our marine life and us. On October 21 members of TAF and 80 volunteers were picking up tons of trash in the beaches of Menton in France (see photo insert).

Sports results – The real winners are the children!

Below are some sports results from the solidarity race, but I want to emphasize that every participant is a winner, because each one of them gave their time and effort to raise funds for the children and bring joy where there was suffering. Congratulations to everybody involved in this solidarity race!

Sportive final results for Men & Women


  1. Individual – The Prince’s Cup went to Didier Sessegolo (French) with 900 km, who has been already winner for the 4thtime in the NFL. But the absolute record of the NFL is 1041 km in 2012, that has still not been broken, and it was Sessegolo himself who holds the title!
  2. Daniele Juan Alimonti with 871 km
  3. Ronaldo Marzorati with 851 km


  1. First female and 4thin general classification: Mimi Chevillon– 843 km, who beat its own record of 819km and had already won in 2015, 2016 and 2017.
  2. Sonia Lutterotti with 763 km
  3. Pascale Pasquier with 683 Km


  1. College Charles III with 27,512 km – The college staff and 1,300 students got into the race from Wednesday, November 13, breaking the teams’ absolute NFL record of 22,030 km in 2014, from Friday, November 16.
  2. Centre Cardio-Thoracique with 12,082 Km

New Trophy

NFL Monaco participants who had already been to at least two NFL. There are to this day only 5 NFL’s in the world: Paris, Oslo, Nice, Athens and Monaco)

WomenMireille Cormier with 432 km, who already won the NFL Monaco twice and who participated in all the NFL’s in 2018, that is more than 2,000 km covered this year.

MenDidier Sessegolo with 900 km, winner of the present edition and who participated this year in the NFL Monaco and Nice.

During the NFL, an homologue course the 24-hour non-stop” reserved to experienced runners, from Saturday, November 17/09:00 to 9:00 to Sunday, November 18/09:00, registered in the official calendar of the French Athletic Federation, broke a new record among the 177 runners registered (93 in individual and the 14 teams of 6 in relay)

Individual Males

  1. Philippe Pastor with 192 km
  2. Roland Servantie with 179 km
  3. Frederic Ascone with 176 km

Individual Females

  1. Sandra Brown with 170 km
  2. Marlene Charlon with 168 km
  3. Annie Cramard with 144 km

Relay teams

  1. Team Endurance Menton with 301 km
  2. Fondation Cuomo with 278 Km
  3. Pompiers GT Montagne with 256 km

Valerie Hirschfield a marvelous athlete

A very enthusiastic Valerie Hirschfield from Seyne Sur Mer, was present on the NFL during the weekend, alternating running and walking with her Proteor prosthesis or on crutches. Her objective is to put the spotlight on amputees through her association Renaissance.  She also is actively involved in several charity initiatives for children. She had participated in the first NFL in Nice from June 6-10, 2018, and she will be at the 6thNFL in Paris in May 2019. Bravo Valerie!

Mark your calendars for November 2019

The 20th edition of the NFL will take place in November 12019 again in Fontvieille by popular support and with new records to be broken on this anniversary edition!

Today’s Quote

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up!”Dean Karnazes


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