Art exhibition Richness will run in Monaco from December 4-20, 2015 – Russian artists invited

Cultural exchange is of the essence

Flyer Salon Richness 2015The art salon Richness organized by the National Monegasque Committee of the International Association of Art (IAA/AIAP), an NGO working in official partnership with UNESCO, will run December 4-20, 2015, at the Exhibition Hall, 4 Quai Antoine 1er, in Monaco.

This year the theme is Culture(s): essential, with a total of 49 member artists exhibiting their sculptures, paintings and photography, alongside six especially invited colleagues from Russia, and prizes will be awarded to the selected artists.

The invited artists from the Russian Committee of the AIAP are: Andrey Kovalchuk, Vasilii Kukhtin, Alexei Lantsev, Tatiana Lysak, Aleksandra Suvorova and Maria Suvorova.  

Salon Richness counts with the high patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, who is the Honorary President of the National Monegasque Committee, that is presided by Monegasque artist Marie Tirole. The Prince will probably be joining other distinguished personalities at the opening on December 3, 2015. Below are photos from Salon Richesse 2014.

The objectives of the IAA/AIAP are to encourage international cooperation among the artists of all countries, nations or people, and to promote the economic and social position of artists both nationally and internationally, as well as to defend their material and moral rights. There are more than 80 national committees adhering to UNESCO around the world, and the Monaco branch dates back to 1955 and was created by artist Etienne Clerissi.

Culture as an incredible resource for humanity becomes the motto of Salon Richness 2015.  The artworks of the artists from the Monegasque Committee selected and to be presented during this year’s exhibition propose to praise culture or cultures, to highlight in an epic, glorious or poetic way, the phenomena produced by these same cultures.

It will be probably a question of travelling, through space or time, but most of all about sharing, because that is the vocation of the Monegasque Committee and that of AIAP and the fundamental role of UNESCO, to enable cultural exchange to promote mutual understanding among nations.

Today’s quote

“Tolerance, inter-cultural dialogue and respect for diversity are more essential than ever in a world where peoples are becoming more and more closely interconnected.” Kofi Annan, Former Secretary of the UN



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