Prince Albert & Prince Andrew presented the trophy to winners of the Princes’ Cup organized by Outward Bound Monaco

A Royal kick off for the competition

On November 8, 2017 H.S.H. Prince Albert II, Patron of Outward Bound Monaco, and H.R.H. Prince Andrew Duke of York K.G., Chairman of the Trustees of Outward Bound Trust, were present at the official departure of the first edition of the Prince’s Cup challenge, under high winds and a steady rain.

The noteworthy rowing competition that will become an annual event, was organized by Outward Bound Monaco (OBM), in partnership with the Societe Nautique of Monaco (SNM) and the Yacht Club of Monaco. SNM’s partnership with the Prince’s Cup Challenge brings new light to this association, where over 900 students attend rowing classes, under the supervision of experienced trainer Olympic rower Daniel Fauché. To highlight the historic visit of the Duke of York to the SNM, he received a commemorative plaque from the hands of Prince Albert. (Photo below:The Duke of York receiving a plaque for his visit to the Societe Nautique de Monaco from Prince Albert II, 2017©EdWImages)

Michael Peagram, President of Outward Bound Monaco, said he was “delighted by the success of the event, which puts into perspective the challenges and activities that we bring to the younger generation. The cooperation with the SNM is a very rewarding and successful partnership, based on shared values, and we are very grateful for their assistance.”

Rowing teams captained by renowned sports figures

The competitors were divided in four groups named after OBM centers: Loch Eil (Scotland), Ullswater (England), Aberdovey (Wales), and Monaco. Each squad was composed of a former OBM student and three SNM male and female rowers, lead by an international sport figure from rugby, running, cycling and rowing. The race consisted of four races covering a distance of 250m between the Quai de l’Hirondele and the Jetee Luciana.

The four teams participated in a duel format suggested by Daniel Fauche of SNM, consisting of a first race of two boats followed by the other two, with the winners of each round participating in the grand finale. The Aberdovey team, commanded by rugby star Dan Luger, claimed victory! The Monaco crew, lead by cyclist Tiffany Cromwell, came second. Loch Eil, skippered from shore by marathon runner Paula Radcliff arrived second, followed on fourth position by Ullswater captained Atlantic rowing champion Matthew Bennett, who is constantly involved in raising money for children’s charities and entered the Guinness book of records for his rowing accomplishments this year.

The winners got the royal treatment by receiving the coveted Prince’s Cup trophy and medals directly from Patrons Prince Albert and the Duke of York. The sponsors of the competition’s first edition, Kory Tarpenning of Nike, David Lewis of Bookajet, Sergio Buttazzi of EFG Private Banking, and David Burns of Zindagi Advisory, presented medals to the teams arriving 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.

Final results

1st – Aberdovey (Wales)

  • Cox – Flora Rouze
  • Rowers – Melanie Delval, Yianni Albantis, Dan Luger, David Strobino 

2nd – Monaco

  • Cox – Linda Pinto
  • Rowers – Antoine Bodero, Tiffany Cromwell, Alexandre Blanes, Konstatin Kuzin

3rd – Loch Eil (Scotland)

  • Paula Radcliff leading from ashore
  • Cox – Mathieu Monfort
  • Rowers – Kristina Fortuna, Timothee Dulfy, Charles-Louis Mauro, Lucas Fauche

Fourth – Ullswater (England)

  • Cox – Solene Gobbi
  • Rowers – Clafra Stefanelli, Mathew Bennett, Arrigo Mostosi, Ma Botwright

Bringing out the best in young people

Outward Bound is a non-profit organization, created in 1941 in Aberdovey, Wales by Kurth Hahn, and Lawrence Holt, with the support of the Blue Funnel Line. Its original founding mission was to give young seamen the ability to survive harsh conditions at sea by teaching confidence, tenacity, perseverance, and to build experience. The organization counts today with 35 worldwide educational centers offering outdoor education programs for youth. Outward Bound offers challenging activity courses in natural outdoor locations, encouraging teamwork, endurance, thus facilitating personal development and growth. It focuses on teaching life skills to adolescents in a beautiful and natural environment. In 2016, over 27,780 teenagers attended an OB course. The organization is recognized as the leader in adventure courses, and the UK’s leading provider of financially assisted outdoor learning, supporting children from all walks of life, whatever their family’s financial situation.

Over 200,000 people benefit from a course each year worldwide, including 300 from Monaco.The unique Monaco branch of the charity, which was founded in October 2003, benefits from the dual patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco and H.R.H. Duke of York, K.G., and the generous sponsorship of Noaro Frères, the Stelios Foundation, the James Mitchell Foundation, Rommy Gianni and John Michael Midziwill.

Outward Bound Monaco’s General Secretary Judy Churchill was quoted saying that: “We want to help anchor children locally, so they develop values and create a community that they can give back to.” Adding that there’s not a huge selection of activities for children in Monaco, and “money solves nothing as far as kids are concerned. They need to be motivated, stimulated, and learn values they can take anywhere in life.” 

Fundraising dinner at the Prince’s Palace in Monaco

On Tuesday, November 7, Prince Albert hosted an exclusive fundraising dinner for Outward Bound UK and Monaco in his Palace, with HRH Prince Andrew, Duke Of York as the guest of honor, and other distinguished supporters.

OBM needs your support

Your support will help young people to attain self worth, resilience to bounce back form setbacks, willingness to accept responsibility, the ability to plan and set goals, succeed in education and employment, have a fulfilled family life, build positive relationships, and become active contributors to their communities. Please contact:

Today’s Quote

“Now I know the secret of making the best persons; it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the Earth.” Walt Whitman


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